Didgeridoo Sounds


 The didgeridoo is an ancient musical instrument and powerful tool that can help lift an individual’s vibration back to a less chaotic and natural rhythm. The broad range of harmonics produced by the didgeridoo vibrate in an ancient and universal tone and can be used as a sound therapy or sound healing tool that effects a person on three basic levels.

Sacred Agave Didgeridoo D (RE)










1: Infra Sound – The didgeridoo produces infra sound frequencies (reaching below 20 Htz) that can be applied as a “no touch sound massage”. The low frequency producing characteristic of the didgeridoo have been reported to provide relief to a wide range of joint, muscular and skeletal related pain as well as promote accelerated healing in various forms of bone trauma. It can also be safely used post operatively on people who have received both metal and non-metal implants.

2: Clearing of Emotional and Energetic Stagnation – The didgeridoo’s sound is an effective tool in releasing stored negative energy and/or emotional stagnation. This natural characteristic of the didgeridoo combined with the sophisticated systems of subtle energy medicine theory from both Traditional Chinese Medicine (meridian theory) and Ayurveda (chakra theory) provide a high level of qi/pranic clearing and balancing. The most basic description one could give for the energetic clearing power of the didgeridoo is “it is like a reiki or qi gong power washer.” It has been reported that the energetic clearing effects are similar to traditional five-element acupuncture.

3: Meditation and Mind Body Healing – Meditation is the foundation of mind-body health. The didgeridoo’s unique tones enables listeners to easily enter the deep meditative brainwave states of theta and delta. It is in these brainwave states that we achieve our highest healing potential for both physical and mental health by re-engaging our mind body connection. Regular meditation promotes a healthy mind-body connection. Meditation can also be used to quantum manifest healing and the co-creation of our universe.




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